A report on austria

Further increase equity capital supply for start-ups and scale-ups: Whereas access to finance is not a short-term concern for Austrian SMEs in general, supply of equity finance for young companies is still scarce. Sincethe city has developed dedicated administrative structures and local policies for migrants.

A report on austria

After that, foreign residents benefit from non-targeted measures, for instance from a programme fighting labour market exclusion of low-skilled groups. ECRI also reviews the concrete impact these measures have on the ground.

If the promised research billion is not realized, the current Austrian funding mix risks to overemphasis applied research funding at the expense of basic research.

Art 17 of the Convention foresees the creation of a Committeeconsisting of ten independent experts, to which the state parties have to submit state reports on a regular basis of 4 years, presenting the measures taken in order to fulfil their obligations under the Convention.

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One of the core points of the package is the reduction of auxiliary salary costs for three-years to relieve innovative start-ups from the high social contributions to their employees. A delegation, led by a high level representative of the Austrian Foreign Ministry, including also representatives from the Federal Ministry of Health, the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Ministry of Justice, answered the questions of the Committee and presented the Austrian engagement for the implementation of the Convention.

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This report sheds light on how the municipality and non-state partners work together with the other levels of government for sustainable migrant and refugee integration. After each visit the CPT writes a report, presenting its findings and recommendations, based upon which a dialogue with the country concerned is being developed.

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