Action research paper classroom management

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Guskey, T. S: Notable selections in Education, Journal of Advanced Academics, 18 4 Effective classroom management according to Trussellis implementing positive behavior support PBS.

Action research paper classroom management

Moreover, teachers may report that they engage in instructional practices thought to be desirable more than they actually do. Review of Related Literature I.

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Downer, J. As a result, the offenders do not take ownership; instead they look for retribution rather we should be positive enough to find, how can we help them. Observe Since it was a well thought out, flexible and coordinated action plan, it helped to maintain discipline and it was found that when the punishment, harsh attitude and de-motivation were substituted with positive discipline strategies, discipline was maintained to an extent in the classroom and student participation was maximized. Act I started appreciating students whenever they completed work on time and also motivated them to continue their efforts. A student will learn when that student is actively engaged in an assignment, problem- 14 solving and constructing their own understanding. Classroom management, bullying and teacher practices. Urban Education, 45 5 , Schocken Books, Inc. The non-interventionist approach is used in a student centered environment. Supporters of Student-Centered Classroom Management Although, there are many supporters of an authoritative, teacher-centered, approach to classroom management, there are also those who favor a more progressive, student-centered approach to classroom management. The argument against the traditional classroom management practices is that teachers are not effectively managing their class or teaching their students discipline. Few of the students started arguing with me and started coming late to attend the classes. Pak recommends recording for a one or two week period and then randomly selecting a cassette for closer analysis is the best strategy to look closer into the teaching practices. In addition, classrooms characterized as consistent had fewer males and more White students than classrooms characterized by inconsistent and noncompliant behaviors. Dimensions of person-centered classroom management.

Morgan ed. Raines, P. The argument against the traditional classroom management practices is that teachers are not effectively managing their class or teaching their students discipline.

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Educators asserted their authority to maintain discipline Allen, and the learners were well-behaved. Authoritative classroom management: how control and nurturance work together.

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Open University Press. Research in Education, 8 3 , The sampling consisted of 60 students 30 males and 30 females of grade Journal of Classroom Interaction, 43 1 , Building Classroom Discipline. Many teachers find it difficult to maintain discipline in classroom. The problem with punishment is that it transforms the offender into a victim Galvin et al.

Journal of Classroom Interaction, 43 1 Students should not be expected to learn and master classroom procedures within the first week of school or be able to govern themselves.

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