Aims and objectives of icici bank

To provide equipment finance. To motivate pvt ownership of industrial investment and to promote and assist in the expansion of markets. She said in India also ICICI Bank was looking to have a role in 25 per cent of the investment pipeline worth about billion dollars likely to come from the corporates in the next three-four years.

Making funds available for reinvestment by revolving investment as rapidly as possible. Talking about the bank's international expansion plans, Kochhar said after getting a license in the US, it was not looking at merely foraying into other countries.

Direct subscription to such securities. As we get into the next year, our international side of balance sheet would be about 25 per cent of the total.

Guaranteeing loans from other private investment sources.

functions of industrial credit and investment corporation of india

Providing finance in the form of long-term or medium term loans or equity participation.

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