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Generally, we can divide the empirical evidence of the impact of ICT on economic growth to two categories based on the methodology used in these literatures. In fact, ICT is the combination of electronics, telecommunications, software, networks, and decentralized computer work stations, and the integration of information media [5] , all of which impact firms, industries, and the economy as a whole. First differencing can solve this problem by removing such fixed effects, as follows: 2 There are still following econometric problems in the estimation of equation 2 which should be considered: 1- There is correlation between the new error term and the differenced lagged-dependent variable. The convergence phenomenon has been mainly observed and discussed in ICT sectors. In this case, the simple ordinary least squares OLS approach can produce highly misleading results [50] , [51]. He indicates that the introduction of a new investment good like computers can impose large adjustment costs to the economy and decrease economic growth. The lift values of all association rules as the results of the association rule mining are greater than 1. The phenomenon of convergence occurs when innovations emerge at the intersection of established and clearly defined industry boundaries, thereby sparking off an evolutionary development with a much broader impact. Moreover, ICT plays a significant role in development of each economic sector, especially during liberalization process.

Moreover, technology convergence has received particular attention. Technological convergence is the tendency for different technological systems to evolve towards performing similar tasks Wikipedia. To overcome these issues, economists recommend the use of instrumental variables, and more recently panel data techniques such as Pooled Mean Group PMGdiscussed in Pesaran et al.

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Methodology and Data Conceptual form This study uses a dynamic panel data model [47] to investigate the impact of ICT use on economic growth. Also Xing and et al tried to measure industry convergence with input-out analysis.

Data mining, in contrast, is discovery-driven in the sense that patterns and hypotheses are automatically extracted from data Zhang and Zhang, Moreover, Pohjola [2] finds no significant relationship between ICT investment and economic growth for the sample of 43 countries over the period of — This confirms that consumers are willing to continue spending part of their disposable income on mobile services - even at times of financial constraints [1].

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In this method lags of the dependent and independent variables are used as instruments. Afterward methodology and data will be presented which follows by the empirical findings and discussion.

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Association mining is one of the best-studied methods in data mining Agrawal et al.

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Information and Communication Technology Use and Economic Growth