An analysis of the enlightenment period in candide by voltaire

Eldorado may be better than human beings are ready for; after all, Candide chooses to leave Eldorado for the love of a woman whom he ends up not loving and to seek being richer and better than others, a goal he gives up after experiencing European decadence.

why did voltaire write candide

With his pen he alternately flattered and lambasted those around him, and this talent for biting satire earned him another stint in the Bastille in Mason, Rather, the wealth only attracts more women such as the imposters in Paris and the Duch trader Vanderdendur, who steals from Candide and leaves him in Suriname.

Pangloss explains his philosophy of "it's all for the best" to an officer of the Inquisition. Norton and Company, More so, the faith in the power of thoughts and equality between human beings is best reflected by the garden towards the end of the novel.

If I spend too much time immersed in thought and no time actually doing things, I start to feel listless and depressed.

nobility in candide
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