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In: Schulenkorf N.

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It is for this reason that the use of policy network theory, its typologies and impact on the policy process are utilised to analyse national public health policy changes.

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Social mobility through sport-based intervention programmes: opportunities and constraints. Google Scholar Preston, P.

MacIntosh E, Spence K.

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Google Scholar Larrison, T. J Int Dev. Possibilities and dangers at the nexus of sport and development discourses: An analysis of racialized and de-historicized spaces. The emergence of livelihoods as the second most common thematic area also carries important implications, since this remains one of the least studied areas of SDP.

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London: Routledge. Coalter F. However, the researchers also employed a cross-tabulation comparing the presence of a mission statement to the demographical variables of the sample organisations. Results of the pilot study allowed us to revise and enhance the codebook for inter-rater reliability in the full sample. In: Girginov V. These efforts include inner-city initiatives aimed at reducing unemployment, gang violence and substance abuse as well as those focused on promoting educational opportunities. Svensson PG, Levine J. Interviews were conducted by the principal researcher between and Sports-Based Health Interventions: Springer; The emergence of livelihoods as the second most common thematic area also carries important implications, since this remains one of the least studied areas of SDP. The making of a social entrepreneur: From participant to cause champion within a sport-for-development context.

Sport as a vehicle for social mobility and regulation of disadvantaged urban youth lessons from Rotterdam. AIDS and Behavior.

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The module also addresses how sport is used to achieve particular social goals in both developed and developing societies; and how sport mega-events are utilized to pursue different kinds of social development. Further research could look at how partnerships between NSAs and SfD NGOs coordinate evidence gathering to strengthen the legitimisation of sport in development. Mission Statement A mission statement was identified for Conclusion The paper has highlighted that public health initiatives demand an inter-organisational approach. In: Bennett T. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to conduct a systematic analysis of SDP organisations. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Bull W H O. This suggests that the language used by many SDP entities continues to reflect idealistic beliefs about sport.

Answering such questions require researchers to examine specific thematic areas in more detail by using different research methods. A total of 2.

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From war without weapons to sport for development and peace: The janus-face of sport. Cronin O. Transforming communities through sport? With a weak public health sector, the involvement of non-state actors was inevitable. This is important to note given the prevalent funding challenges in SDP 28 since funding agencies often require this type of information from prospective funding recipients. Google Scholar Sayer, J. Basingstoke: MacMillan;
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Sport for Development and Global Public Health Issues: A Case Study of National Sports Associations