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Bureaucracy itself may be the villain of the novel, for it gives cover for the dark side of human nature and makes it difficult to hold an individual accountable for bad actions. Thus, the novel's structure evokes for the reader a similar feeling of confusion and fragmentation to reflect the experience of a military officer.

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The majority of Heller's characters, however, are portrayed as selfish, depraved lunatics. One of the most challenging aspects of this novel is piecing together the order in which events occur. Why is Yossarian so obsessed with death? She not only confirms the cruelty of war to him by being an innocent victim of it, but she also represents the possibility of healing from past hurts. The men are needlessly sent on dangerous missions due to their superiors' pride and negligence. Milo begins as a man committed to serving good food. This brings him into danger. This parallels how the actual character development of the soldiers stationed on Pianosa is at times truncated by events such as death or backwards like Hungry Joe, whose moods are the opposite of what his situation dictates. Is it the only way out of the mad system of Catch? Such activity is often more a cry of frustration and non-comprehension than an affirmation of immorality. When the Military Police do not arrest Aarfy, they are simply classified as similar brutes.

The Germans in Catch are the enemy to everyone except Milo. On the other hand, how do the more flawed characters demonstrate their cynicism, deceit, blindness, or lust for power?

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Yossarian desperately wants to go home or at least stay out of harm's way, and he constantly struggles with this military code. Heller is not trying to state that people would accept a man bombing his own base; he is using this exaggeration to show how absurd the profit argument could be if it were taken to an extreme. This brings him into danger. While Heller's humor is every successful, it is not the only stylistic choice that helps to make his writing so effective. Milo confuses democracy and capitalism when he defends himself, thus demonstrating that people will corrupt any ideal in the name of profit. But the military cannot ground a soldier for mental health reasons if he does not ask to be grounded. Then, people are much more understanding.

Though the novel is a parody in so many ways, Heller blurs the line between what is farce and what is an accurate description of life during war, which is absurd and chaotic. Possible Answer: First of all, any war is very complicated, and any clear assertion of good or evil is probably an oversimplification.

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As Yossarian's three hospital visits indicate, he does develop throughout the text. At first, everyone denounces him.

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The overall context remains: these people are fighting with a purpose.

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