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And also nature is able to show us true beauty without any modification or exaggeration. In his essay, Faking Nature, Robert Elliot argues that the recreation of natural landscapes after human destruction strips nature of its value.

In addition some genetic characteristic only appear later in development as a result of the process of maturation. I was so hurt that I cried in my bed all night.

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Every landscape is the gift given by nature. Big data analytics and artificial intelligence will have a critical role to play as we seek to make sense of all the measurements that are supposed to make us better managers of the natural capital assets upon which our evolutionary trajectory depends. New York: Oxford UP, As society evolved, populations grew and more and more resources were required to fuel the expansion. Connecting with nature allows humans to discover the intimate deliverance that nature offers Vickery We think that nature has obvious political, economical and social repercussions, but our cognitive ability obliges us to reevaluate our position in the world rather than continue to degrade it. What separates us from nature is the ability to understand our place within it. The growth of industry enabled humans to truly dominate the landscape and disrupt the natural systems that have been in place for billions of years. Therefore, this essay will explore the merits and pitfalls to engaging in a CI with two distinct theories of human nature being debated Many people may argue that nurture appears to a play huge factor in the two, but others may think otherwise. Charles Krauthammer is a well-known right-wing political columnist and commentator who has worked or contributed to a number of magazines throughout his career Krauthammer His purpose behind writing this article was to prove that nature is here to serve man and not the other way around.

Atlantic Media Company, This cognitive capacity of ours has historically been the cause of a perceived division between man and nature. We ask for prescriptions and pills, while what we should be doing instead is turning to nature for help.

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Exploration is a good skill which has helped us gather the information from the environment around us. Even after colonization into cities occurred, people were surrounded by nature in the fields and farms where they lived and associated.

Urbanization and industrialization surround our daily lives leaving us estranged to our primitive nature. He draws a connection between technical know-how used in the context of natural landscapes and art history or criticism in the context of conventional art forms.

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Only when you realize animals and plants are equal with human being, you will admire the beauty in them.

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Why We Must Reconnect With Nature