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Now caste parties dominate politics in some important regions of India, as multiple jatis have banded together in jati-clusters so that they can maximise their numerical strength in the hope of gaining advantages in the public sphere. This homogeneity made caste drop below the threshold of social visibility. Though the number of women officers is growing, yet the number is not comparable with men holding higher ranks. From my approach, this can be compared to the concept of gender equality. Different types of un-favourable attitude, bias and prejudice against women, fixed notions, religious, social, economical, political, communal, racial, caste and sex stereotypes grow in the minds of men due to social learning. They are hundred percent oppressed and repressed. I have heard many women saying me. Justice Liberty and equality is guaranteed to all citizens of India which also includes women. I question to others whether the gender of a person is responsible for his or her personality traits and characters? Is it helpful to you? They have now very successful as business executives, C. Endogamy, chief among them.

However, the summary of the results in the first part is that the Muslim households appear to be either significantly better off or indifferent to the scheduled caste and scheduled tribe households. The Indian Census, a vast, vital undertaking that gives statistical grounding to policymakers, did not count caste numbers and the concentrations of wealth therein until While women are the most common sufferers and remain suppressed due to social pressure, there are some disadvantages that men have over women as laws favor women in certain cases.

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The incident caused uproar in the national press. The fixed deposit is not made for the higher education of the girl child but for the dowry which is a burning truth. By offering gender equality in areas of health services, education, job, and involvement in administrative and monetary decision-making practices will ultimately benefit in attaining the economic sustainability overall.

Society favors men and gives them higher authority and this makes women vulnerable to crimes like rapes, eve teasing, sexual abuse etc. To-day women have proved their worth in male dominating jobs like Police, Defence, Army, Navy, Railways, various touring jobs, administration, business, science and technology.

Even though laws are now enforced for the rights of women on parental property, not many people are aware of it and the social structure is such that daughters do not usually insist on their property rights.

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When occasion arises women can do wonder, show that they are in no way inferior to men. Cruelty against women is rampant in places where people are very rigid and conservative. Women rarely have any say or any decision making power in family matters, marriage of children or business. A woman is considered as inferior to man in our society. The Dalit response was seen as an insult to the Jat community so egregious that Jats were called in overnight from neighbouring villages to attend a caste council meeting and determine the retaliatory action required. When I heard this I was deeply pained for he was my student for four years. We have age discrimination, employment or job discrimination, racial discrimination, gender discrimination, reverse discrimination, sexual discrimination, and others. With the increase in gated communities, the divide between rich and poor and upper- and lower-castes has become so sharp that it is equally hard to imagine Dalit children having access to the doorsteps of upper-caste homes. Caste has tremendous, overarching effects on society, but it is most intimately concerned with the person, the body; what humans take in and what we push out. Discrimination also hampers the self-confidence and affects the psychology of the person being discriminated against.

Here women have no rights. But nothing has materialized till to-day. Some women also misuse the anti-dowry law to get their husbands jailed for dowry demand. When women emerged in the streets of Srinagar in they gave a new twist to the struggle for secession. For instance, a black worker whose skills and experience is identical to those of a white worker but receives a much lower wage is a victim of discrimination.

There have been many initiatives by the respective governments, post-independence to somehow bridge this gap in gender inequality.

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