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He relinquished the post in He served in various educational institutions as a teacher. He was chosen as the main President of the Republic of India.

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The arrival of Mahatma Gandhi on the Indian national scene greatly influenced Dr. Gandhiji did not want to set a precedent of violence for free India. His contribution as a freedom fighter and as a president was truly remarkable. He was always ready to help others. He stood first in the entrance examination to the University of Calcutta, and was awarded a monthly scholarship of Rs. In time, however, Dr Prasad was deeply moved by the dedication conviction and courage that Gandhiji displayed. After the completion of elementary education, Rajendra Prasad went to study at T. At the point when a quake influenced Bihar on 15 January , Prasad was in prison. His parents put him under a Maulavi learn the Persian language followed by Hindi and arithmetic, when Rajendra Prasad was five years old After the fulfillment of customary rudimentary training Rajendra Prasad was sent to the Chhapra District School. His worthy brother could not check him selfishly when Rajendra Prasadji acted upto the advice of Gokhle kicking off the most gainful law-practice. A and Masters in Law. Such was his keenness and his respectability, that frequently when his enemy neglected to refer to a point of reference, the judges requested that Rajendra Prasad refers to a point of reference against himself. At the age of five Rajendra Prasad was, according to the practice in the community to which he belonged, put under a Maulavi who taught him Persian. He continued to be the President of India for the next twelve years. Rajendra Prasad was a pivotal pioneer of the Indian Independence Movement, who left his worthwhile calling to partake in the patriot development of India.

The college was later shifted to Sadaqat Ashram on the banks of the Ganga. At 12 years old, Rajendra Prasad was hitched to Rajavanshi Devi. He was an eminent author and had a number of thoughtful books at his credit.

He was a man of world fame. Independence was fast approaching and so was the prospect of partition. He took active part in the freedom movements of India. He also involved his family in the Freedom Movement.

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The move created the whole political administration of the twenties in Bihar. It was written during and In the wake of residual imprisoned for almost three years, he was discharged on 15 June His educational career was very bright. Rajendra Prasad was one of the foremost disciples of Mahatma Gandhi.

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