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In about 20 minutes, you can easily have a good sense of what you are ready to write and the problems you still need to solve in your paper.

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Try reading the sentences starting with the last sentence of the draft and moving up. Have questions? Once you have summarized each paragraph, turn your summary words into a list. Ask a reader to judge specific elements of your paper. Can the listener easily find all of the ideas you mention in your description? Write a paragraph or up to a page describing a reading or a position. As workshop manager, your job is to make sure that everyone is gainfully working on a project. Again, write for a page or more. Was anything missing for the reader? Give them your assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the draft, as you see it, to begin a conversation. Once you have your paper as a list of sentences, you can more easily see and solve sentence level problems.

You should also identify moments in the main course readings where authors demonstrate good techniques, although this approach will be more relevant with secondary sources than with primary documents. Language and rhythm are consistent throughout the piece.

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It should probably be although it will depend on the assignment in one sentence somewhere on the first page. Discuss key terms in your paper with someone else.

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Writing a full draft, even if you think the draft has problems, is sometimes important. Discussing a set of papers When you return a set of papers, take a few minutes to talk about the general strengths and weaknesses of the batch.

Having made lots of major decisions in getting their ideas down on the page, they may be reluctant to tackle another round of decision-making required for revising or clarifying ideas or sentences.

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Provide spaces for individual work and spaces for small-group work. Ask a reader to judge specific elements of your paper. For the students, the one-minute paper prompts them to start synthesizing the lesson and to identify elements for review. Can you make a flow chart depicting the relationships between your ideas? Take the central idea and briefly explain it in a paragraph or two. Does your theory hold through the text? Doing so can help you set aside uncertainty and frustration and help you get motivated to write your draft. Here, they submit their completed work to Scholastic. Student Work 30 minutes Writing, Revising, Editing, Conferencing, or Publishing Provide students with 30 minutes to work on their projects. Does your paper match your description? If your ideas are strong, you should find supporting evidence to corroborate your ideas. Next, make a list of potential solutions. To do so, first briefly outline the problem as you see it or define it.
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