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Governments have grown quite aggressive about their control over the digital economy. Based on these factors the bargaining power of its suppliers is low. The company sold 2,, vehicles in the U. They are delivering the product with excellence and performance Ford, So, there are a large number of competitors in the market and most of them have formidable technological and manufacturing capabilities. B Partnership with a television channel that will display ads of ford motors in different intervals. Strong brand recognition as affordable and safe vehicle. However, at a global level and especially in the stock markets of India, they have been performing well. The investment in a project is feasible if the Net Present Value is greater than zero otherwise it can be a loss making affair. They have proactively focused on developing and manufacturing indigenous products in their respective markets taking into account local demands, maintainability, affordability, demographic and economic conditions, mean time between failures, accident rates, road and traffic conditions, and environment related laws. The company was started by Henry Ford in and is historically famous for the creation and implementation of the assembly line in manufacturing processes. Known as an innovative vehicle brand, the company has achieved a leading position in the automobile industry. B Production of Hybrid energy vehicles.

They do not have a stronghold in emerging markets like India. China, a vibrant market for automotive industry.

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An industry expert says ' 'Change the question and you change the value of the company' Lamb, David. The recent example of Vodafone taking over Essar in India proves this fact that such global giants are seriously interested in large capital investments in developing countries Vodafone Annual Report. The Earning Per Share estimate continues to be in negative in but the company outlook looks positive as the growth projections are moving in positive direction as can be seen from the EPS trends in past 90 days. Ford Opportunities: As Ford is new automotive technology, it could increase demand for new models, sales, through sales profitability can be increase, and good will can be created in the market. They have poor reputation with the investors, which can be barrier in the development of the company; the competitors have good reputation with the investors. Factor conditions are related to business support framework to the business that includes skilled manpower, basic infrastructure, supply channels, funds transfer channels like a nationwide payment system , availability of loans from banks and venture capitalists. Regulations and compliance — The compliance and regulatory threats for automobile brands have increased in the past years because of environmental improvements going around the world. One may like to call them ' cost to process an acquisition. Why do the F-Series pickups give Ford an edge over its competitors? So, while the role of political forces has always been important in the context of international business, sometimes political regulations can take a challenging shape. Moreover, the existing brands are aggressive about market share and are even forming alliances for faster growth. Adaptability — Ford has a wide product and services portfolio which gives them strong leverage and less dependency on just one product range.

The following presents a brief on valuation of Systematic Risks when evaluating the return on investments. Porter's Five Forces Strategy that Shape Competition One important observation that Michael E Porter made about these forces is that if these forces are intense then almost no company gains distinct competitive advantages and earns attractive returns on investments.

Alliance strategies of fuel with the globally efficient cars.

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These two are the hottest markets for vehicle brands. In the firm's own obligation, the debt and equity obligations are considered whereby due to uncertainties in the cash flow. The industry experts, actually, use comparable firm statistics to make their perceptions as accurate as possible. Ford is considered a reliable brand whose popularity is quite high in the American market. Efficiency — Scale of Production The plan of Ford Company enables the development of the products; they have the full line of the car, they know the value of their customers, they meet expectation of their consumers by making small, medium and small cars, they are planning to continue accelerate development of new products, to meet the wants and values of their loyal customers. To achieve this, the firm management tries to decide on the most appropriate debt to equity ratio such that the overall value becomes as large as possible ' a company may be totally financed by equity or totally by debt or somewhere in between. Apart from technological infrastructure and skilled human resources, a vehicle brand also has to spend a lot on marketing and sales. Sharp argued that it is more to do with optimal agency control rather than optimal capital structure. Tata Motors Tata Motors have been consistently paying dividends and hence keeping shareholder interests alive. It also recalled vehicles in May because of the safety failures of Takata airbags. B Partnership with a television channel that will display ads of ford motors in different intervals. Hence, the company will not be stuck with large amount of mortgaged assets as such. They never try to push their established products of United States, the UK and European markets in the newly formed markets of developing countries.

The analysis will explain the details of financial information, as well as make recommendations on their values as investments Lasher, Pickups are more profitable vehicles than compact cars or SUVs.

Ford has used a balanced mix of transport solutions that focuses on reducing road miles as well as optimizing efficiencies.

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Tata Motors was one such stock that crashed heavily due to the economic turmoil largely because of lack of information about its systematic risks. This is because Research and Development creates substantial amount of intangible assets that cannot serve as an effective collateral in debt financing and hence do not support high levels of debt.

They are associated with the innovative technology, they are emerging as an opportunity in the market, they are growing towards making their product, high efficient from entering the market.

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In the current context, Tata Motors is expanding their global operations using their internal teams that establish dealership networks in the countries of their operation. Year may witness a sales growth in positive as indicated herewith.

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To begin with, we first look at the cash flow statistics of Ford Motor Company from their capital financing activities assuming it to be a single duration project of next ten years We shall carry out the future outlook for the next ten years for both the companies.

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Strategic Analysis Of Ford Motor Company And Tata Motors