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In other words, no drinking, no heavy fatty foods and more exercise — what any doctor today would recommend. Have students think about their own humoral balance and then draw a pie chart that shows the composition of their four humors with illustrations and words.

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The top layer is clear yellow serum the "yellow bile". They find themselves responsible for mistakes, since they aware of their own imperfections. When Siddhartha Gotama turned 29 he had a realization that money and royalty were what everyone in the world wanted but he felt that even though he had them he was not happy The story of the king who was so fat that he tried to extract his fat using leeches. However, should one fluid overpower the others, the body became out of balance and caused medical and psychological illness. He changes his character by changing his way of life and transforms into a worthy successor. They were originally known as the four humors. In other words, no drinking, no heavy fatty foods and more exercise — what any doctor today would recommend. When a government is given that much power, there is not many things you can do as a citizen, other than sit back and hope for the best The word humor meant, originally, "fluid.

Provide visual evidence for your answer. They complain a lot.

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They do this to get a clear understanding of the subject. A dark clot forms at the bottom the "black bile". Divide student pairs into four groups and give each group copies of The Four Humors Chart and copies of one of the following four-humor, primary source handouts: CholerMelancholyPhlegmand Sanguine.

Class 2 Evaluations: Teachers may use class discussion and the completed handouts and the homework essays for evaluation. They will let others decide for them. Tell students that they will learn more about the four humors theory that Hippocrates and Galen helped establish as a part of traditional Western medicine.

What can we say of this fanciful classification of humours into four groups, of which two are absolutely imaginary? Eliot's Four Quartets afford no such easy approach. In one case, a woman began to exhibit fears, depression, incoherent rambling speech, and the uttering of obscenities after suffering from a "grief with a reason for it"; and another "without speaking a word.

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Emotions and Disease: The Balance of Passions