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Such a system could theoretically make traffic jams a thing of the past. The Future Truck provides a taste of developments in commercial vehicle technology in the near future.

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Some would use the UBI to return to education and improve their skills. The truck is being driven by an automated system called Active Drive Assist. With zero-emission vehicles now cheaper than ever, their numbers were growing exponentially, regardless of any bans or regulations. Desktop fabrication labs, genetic databases and AI software are becoming accessible to the public. At the same time, the ongoing need for medical breakthroughs has necessitated a gradual easing of database regulations. By the early s, a flood of additional countries had joined this planned phase out. Additionally, the threat of nuclear weapons proliferation was eliminated by the design, materials and safety aspects of SMRs. The future on the road. Artificial intelligence would help manage traffic on a regional level. Firstly, they could be built at a much lower cost than traditional reactors, making them less risky from an investment viewpoint. His opponent in the election, George McGovern, also suggested a guaranteed annual income. Criminals have already begun to exploit this — providing access to drugs and other substances without prescriptions, for example like offshore Internet pharmacies of earlier decades — and now terrorists are making use of them too. However, a new generation of air-breathing supersonic combustion ramjet scramjet engines is now emerging on the battlefield after many years of testing and development. This time, white collar jobs were no longer safe either.

Citizen journalists in these volatile regions can record and disseminate their experiences on video — using mobile apps to capture footage of war crimes and human rights abuses, for example. After all, the transport industry is having to face the two-fold challenge of a distinct lack of junior talent and the image of a trucker as a less-than-attractive career option.

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From smart cities to smarter homes, to significant advances in artificial intelligence — a lot is about to change. More sinister consequences include the ability to target specific races or genetic groups of people. In subsequent decades, reactors grew much larger, with outputs reaching the gigawatt scale.

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Increased availability of the web leads to increased awareness of political issues, corruption and injustice. Among the most promising concepts were those able to be assembled in factories and delivered in sealed containers — meaning the plant would never require decommissioning, but could simply have its power source replaced like a battery, further reducing costs.

Traditional welfare payments, such as housing benefit and jobseeker's allowance, were heavily means-tested.

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