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Since you have a whole campus of people to choose from, if you can — try to avoid choosing a suitor in your dorm. I left him on the beach and never spoke to him again.

On the ride home, I admitted I only did it to make her like me. We'd kissed the last time I saw him, so I had a feeling this would be the night we'd finally make out.

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There were three floors — the bottom was the boys floor, and then above that were two girls floors. Giphy I had a crush on my best friend in my first year of college, and he lived in my residence hall. There was Corey the American in Fiji, who tried to have sex on the beach but it was really unpleasant, then we went back to my hut, and after finding out he didn't have a condom, he went and searched the whole resort for condoms. They teased me about it for the rest of the trip! Four days after my boyfriend and I broke up, I hooked up with that boy for the first and only time. I wasn't wrong. But, neither of us had open rooms so instead we went back to my building, went to the kitchen, and hooked up there. I was completely obsessed with him. That was freshman year. Very awkward. We start fooling around and his roommate, who had still been playing video games, decides to leave. Right when we started getting into it, we heard a knock. But I was scared it would ruin our friendship if I told him the truth about how I really felt. Moving through different stages with this guy — from heartbreak to dysfunction to honest, real friendship — has taught me more in sixth months than I've learned in years. When I got home, I realized my back was bright red!

I was delirious from exhaustion and the hilarity of the whole situation, but I texted the drummer to thank him for a great night. It was hard to come to terms with it and get over the hurt, but I did get closure in an unexpected and nice way.

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We didn't. Here, 23 real people share their craziest spring break confessions.

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Here are thirteen stories freshman from colleges all over have shared about when their hookup got a little weird… 1 The Stairwell Never in a million years did I expect tonight to be my most embarrassing college experience. Some of the stories have major twists of love or lust gone wrong, and some are downright embarrassing. It turns out the security guards were doing rounds of the parking lot where my car is parked and they noticed us in the car. It was hard to come to terms with it and get over the hurt, but I did get closure in an unexpected and nice way. I also had to go outside in cold New York weather after quickly throwing on some pajamas shorts. Then I realized he lived in a gated community. We obviously were obsessed with them, their accents, and their dreamy lives in Spain running a hostel with their best friends. This woman's best friend lived in her residence hall, and their inevitable hookup changed their relationship for good. Right before our freshman year started at the end of August, we got our dorm assignments. Feb 5, A24Giphy You've probably fantasized about the perfect spring break — lounging on gorgeous beaches in amazing weather, making epic memories with your BFFs, and of course, flirting with your crush. We easily struck up a friendship with the owners and they offered to take us out to one of their favorite flamenco spots where locals come to sing, play guitar, and dance. We were throwing around a frisbee and I went to run for it. If you, too, love to hear every juicy detail of a wild hookup, read along and enjoy as real college students and recent grads share their stories. I arrived what I thought was his room and the door was open a crack, so I open it to see two guys I've never seen before on their computers playing games.

My roommate and I were on the third floor, and we quickly became friends with one particular boy on the first floor. Hopeless Romantics Commitment is always an issue.

Hooking up is superficial and the human aspect is completely lost.

Hooking up college stories

My camp site got flooded "The upside to a downpour flooding our camp site? I'd gone on it a million times and never had a problem, but this time, as I hit the water my bikini top flew off! Major score because besides the fact that he was absolutely adorable, I got to sleep in a queen-size bed instead of the tiny, twin top bunk back in the hostel. I spent the night and came back downstairs the next morning wearing her shirt, and my roommates thought it was the funniest thing ever. Other times, what happens in Vegas or Miami or Ibiza is meant to stay there. My best friends later told me they could tell by the look on my face that I was in trouble! I hinted to my friend that I wanted alone time with Steven, so the group went ahead of us. I had to leave him in my room alone while I went downstairs with my dad to act casual.

Like I said, I was feeling adventurous, so we decided to go for a swim in our underwear. The vibes were v.

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Either way, they can make for great stories.

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5 Stories About Hookups That Are Unforgettably Steamy