How safe is safe case study

Releases have a fixed date, and scope is selected -- and adjusted if necessary -- in order to meet the deadline. I do believe all the outside involvement with the auditors can hurt them later if they are not more conservative about the information they share with outside parties.

Their hypothesis was that posting on Facebook would only reduce self-disclosure, as a result of making low self-esteem people feel more free about expressing their feelings. People circulated between teams to better understand synergies and negotiate dependencies. Some organizations have accomplished the same structure through self-organization: allowing all the team members to collectively choose teams, rather than having a few managers do it.

what elements of the following are verifiable through safe case studies

How do its policies contribute to this philosophy? Each release train was a 4-month period culminating in an integrated delivery from all the teams. The Product Owners from each meet met biweekly once per sprint to coordinate their work; additional team members participated when necessary.

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SAFe Case Studies