How to install a video card essay

how to install a graphics card in a laptop

Remember to handle the card by its edges or the rear metal bracket. If not, then you can start the video card moving upwards by sticking a finger below the front of the video card and pulling up a little. You have to push the lever until it's in the position shown in the image on the right.

This is a good time to discharge static electricity by touching some bare metal in the case. Graphics Cards[ edit ] The most important piece of graphics hardware is the graphics cardwhich is the piece of equipment that renders out all images and sends them to a display.

How to install a video card essay

Firmly insert the card into the slot, then push down the plastic lock on the end of the PCI-E slot to hold it in place. Some on the program are dependent on video cards if the video card is not installed on your system then those program will not support.

On the other hand, an integrated graphics card cannot be changed without buying a new motherboard with a better chip, as they are bound to the motherboard. You can usually fiddle around inside a computer with only the standby power running but it's not a good idea.

In the graphics cards department, using integrated chips is much cheaper than buying a dedicated card, however the performance conforms to the price.

do i need to uninstall old graphics drivers before installing a new card
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