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The system of staffing our diplomatic missions is unjustified and should be reviewed urgently. Fiscal prudence requires some tax changes. Future proofing the budget The budget is also about our long-term vision.

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But it can be done. But once those taxes go up, they rarely come down. Cabinet is considering a proposal to end the issuing of guarantees for operational purposes.

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By enabling new businesses with new ideas to emerge and thrive, we are radically transforming patterns of production in the economy. The 1st round of projects for the budget facility for infrastructure was received in Our children are our future. This presents an opportunity for us to do the things required to reignite growth and chart a course towards meeting the objectives of the NDP and fulfilling our constitutional obligations.

To support higher levels of capital investment and maintenance, the state needs to contain the public-service wage bill. This is R1 billion per day.

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Thuma Mina. A fund with an allocation of R2.

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Taken together, we believe these proposals best protect the progressive nature of our tax regime, to minimise the impact on lower-income households. Second, is streamlining the law to make it easier to build. We must shift expenditure to investment. The Medium Term Budget Policy Statement warned that the liabilities of several state-owned companies were falling due, and without an improvement in cash flows and governance they would be unable to meet these obligations. Over the past decade, the public sector has invested R2. Grants such as the Financial Management grant, and the Municipal Systems Improvement grant are available. The GDP growth projection has been revised upward to 1 per cent, which is higher than the 0. Other entities reduced their guarantees, unfortunately in some cases as a result of appropriations.
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In Full: SA Finance Minister Gigaba’s Budget Speech