How to write a promotion email

With each new email you send, you need to recapture their attention and entice them to stay engaged with you.

business promotion email template

This will require a clear concept of what your company stands for and what kind of image you want to create. Key Takeaways Promotional emails can be your greatest customer retention driver and effective revenue generation channel. Subject Make sure you include your name in the subject, and make it clear exactly what this email is about.

Next, I suggest using a natural voice. A MailChimp study found that segmentation is worth its weight in gold. The problem with click-bait is that the headline oversells the content, leaving the reader disappointed.

Now for a couple of examples. Notice how Ryan Deiss appeals to the self-interest and curiosity of the target market in the opening of this email… Step 8 — Appeal to the core desire Follow the fundamentals.

Seriously, go sign up for a new account to get some great ideas for your own onboarding email. Though each email is different, every Bath and Body Works and OptinMonster email maintains a consistent vibe. Sometimes a less conventional approach can be more engaging.

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How to Write a Promotional Email