Impact of stakeholder management on construction industry

stakeholder roles in construction

What the stakeholder management do is to look for a happy medium between the different interests. In the majority of projects from the construction sector there will be a lot of stakeholders and the diversity of its nature and demands will produce a conflict of interests. The project was eventually canceled by the U.

Identify goals After determining who the stakeholders are, identify their goals. When unclear about directions, ask for clarification. Government Project managers working in certain heavily regulated environments e.

The company has the requirements from the shareholders to build a project as soon as possible, within a budget; while they have to attend the demand of other stakeholders.

Example: Cultural Differences between American Regions On a major project in South America that included project team leaders from seven different countries, the greatest cultural difference that affected the project communication was between two project leaders from the United States.

Ask for their input. On projects, project managers have direct control over very few things; therefore their ability to influence others — to be a good politician — may be very important Here are a few steps a good project politician should follow.

The campus facilities department found only one location for the wind turbine that would not disrupt the flow of traffic on campus. Without a mitigating strategy, the project would miss a critical window in the weather between monsoon seasons.

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Stakeholder Management in the Construction Sector