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Some may be located in geographically distant locations, and others may have pricing or distribution systems that are very different from those of a small business.

Market maturity is not expected to be reached until at least Gross profit last year was Details about your testing process and supporting statistics should be included in the appendix.

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Once concentrated in the early morning hours or mid-afternoon, in recent years coffee drinking has become an all-day activity.

If the features of the competing product give it a performance advantage over your own, you can evaluate how important those features are to determine if your product should be redesigned.

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This section contains specific information about the current state of the industry and target market and might contain reference materials such as spreadsheets, pie charts and bar graphs to represent the data. This section can be as long as one-quarter page and may be supported by graphs, charts and tables. If your company is in the telecommunications industry, conducting a survey by telephone might be more effective than one conducted through the mail. Step 5: Analyze the results of your research. We also conduct PR activities in media outside the local market to expose the Dark Roast Java name to a wider state and national audience. Bargaining power of the Supplier Supplier power refers to the pressure that the suppliers can exert on businesses by raising prices or lowering quality or reducing product availability. To answer this question, you can acquire data about the industry from governmental census data, or sites such as Yahoo.

How to do a Competitor Analysis A competitor analysis is a process in which a business obtains information to identify and learn more about key competitors in order to be able to predict how the competition will react.

Competitive rivalry: This factor in the analysis takes into consideration the number of competitors in an industry and their relative strength. What price range will cause customers to switch to other competing products?

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Concentrated in Southern California and Las Vegas.

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How to Write the Market Analysis in a Business Plan