Information technology boon or curse

But with cut throat competition in mobile communication market among different companies, tariff rates fell down speedily. The bad news is that we are winning that war.

high tech devices boon or bane

Nowadays, we can find ATMs in every nook and corner of small town. So rather than wasting time on social media, we can spend this time on learning the use of IT.

technology boon or curse essay pdf

You can conveniently pay the utility bill being at home It is easy to check the weather and stay updated on severe or threatening situations.

These devices connect you around the world travelling through the Towers of that particular network.

Information technology boon or curse

Broadcasting: Different media groups are working throughout the globe. It's bad for privacy. Among all these, Information Technology is impacting our lives vastly.

Technology boon or bane pdf

Job opportunities: Several job opportunities are available also been know like data programming, research analysis, web application designing etc. Conclusion Whenever technological developments take place their misuse is bound to happen simultaneously. The inevitable result of a Nintendo economy - pulling itself apart, losing jobs, insecure - is the shriveling of the society in which it exists. This is a win win situation for Employee and Employer. Even if there were no guns, people would kill each other with different means. It has a highly reputed workforce in the IT industry which is on high demand all over the world. Although, the device of something definitely a weapon cannot be viewed as positive. So rather than wasting time on social media, we can spend this time on learning the use of IT. The downside to all this information available on the Internet is that much of it is not accurate. But privacy is a cultural construct, and maybe we'll learn to live with this new invasion, even with cameras on every lamppost. Get homework help or locate answers to difficult questions like Googling or seeking educational websites. Health issues: Many health issues have been identified due to over use of technology including, vision problems, hearing problems, obesity, muscular problems, stress and insomnia etc.
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Controversial Essay on Information Technology : Boon or Bane