Introduction to aspects of community practice

Introduction to aspects of community practice

This often involves mutually discovering which insights from the past are relevant in the present. Wenger notes the third group typically represents the majority of the community.

To share tacit knowledge is to think together. Beyond internal communities, there are typical government problems such as education, health, and security that require coordination and knowledge sharing across levels of government.

In the original formulation of CoPs the main focus is on the person becoming more competent in the context of idiosyncratic practice Lave and Wenger, What are communities of practice? One needs to distinguish between what is a CoP and what is not.

This article aims to improve the clarity of the CoP concept by refining the explanation of why mutual engagement is an essential element of these social structures, and what that means.

In this study, the maps were developed, represented and analyzed using a dedicated causal mapping software Decision Explorer 1.

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Not everything called a community is a community of practice. These relationships are the ties that bind the members of the community together as a social entity. Originators: Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger in and further elaborated in Joint Enterprise: Secondly, through their interactions, they create a shared understanding of what binds them together; this is termed the joint enterprise.

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Thinking together: What makes Communities of Practice work?