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Abstract Wrongdoers within the community are subjective to the law regardless of their age and socio-economic status. As we look into the court systems we see: so many judges trying to reach justice; we see so many police officers arresting citizens on the streets; and of course, we have the prosecuting attorneys cleaning up the streets, sending criminals to jail. Also, most young people have a hard time finding their place in society and so they engage in all sorts of activities that deviate from the norms. First and foremost, youth and parental counseling could be done to hear out their possible concerns. It was concluded that about fifty-five percent of the American couples do not experience good relationships, and most of them live together because of the kids. A probation officer is always involved in ensuring the compatibility and the adoption of changes as required. For instance, so many communities do not tolerate stealing and also taking drugs. Is there an age limit for introducing these juveniles into the adult justice system? These include Terminology, Due Process rights, the process of Arrest to Corrections, Juvenile crime compared to Adult crime, age limits and waivers for the adult system and the different community correctional options, which are available to the offenders. They should and must show the children positive values, norms and standards of society in this way the children will be able to show the right behavior to the society. Books and programs should be in good quality. Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice, 5 2 ,

Books and programs should be in good quality. The younger generation is supposed to be our future leaders. The officer screens each and every move made by the individual to ensure that the requirements and the expectations of the changes have been attained.

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If you are a young person under the age of 18 and you commit a crime, you will have your case heard in the juvenile justice system. Individual Characteristics of High Risk Youth An at-risk student is one who by circumstances is statistically probable to fail in the school performance more than the others. To this end, recreational centers, parks, and guidance centers must be established and maintained. These bad kids can easily teach the good kids bad manners and ending up destroying the whole school. Truth be told, these juvenile delinquents pose a serious threat in their moral development and the society they are in. The criminality of youth gives significant meaning after the passage of Republic Act These findings suggest that as a group, year-old Direct File adolescents do not have significant deficits in competence-related abilities due to age or immaturity. Webb, P. In this situation, the case may be transferred from the juvenile system into an adult court. In most states the only way for juveniles to be tried as adults is if they are over the age of 16 or if they have committed a violent crime such as rape or assault but recently many juveniles are being tried as adults for even far lesser crimes. The cases arise from dealing with certain aspects that comes from handling juveniles entering the system. However many disagree and they believe if these young offenders are capable of committing a crime like murder, no matter their maturity, they should be tried as adults. With no child labor laws, delinquent juveniles could be sentenced to forced labor in factories or to houses of refuge.

From the year on word, the program has been seen to achieve near to its optimum in the sectors of student maturity and self-control. Some criminals harm innocent persons because they have a different brain chemistry than the average person.

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Through it, the students have indulged in so many risky behaviors because they know that they cannot be easily punished. Certain measures are usually taken to make it easier for the rehabilitation process much easier.

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A juvenile is someone who is at or below the upper age of the original jurisdiction in their resident state Juvenile Justice, The juvenile justice system is a network of agencies that deal with juveniles whose conduct has come in conflict with the law. They are sent to adult court in which they were convicted for their crimes. The defendant may be tried as a juvenile or an adult. These minors range from the ages of nine to twenty depending on the crime committed or on how many times they are prosecuted and believe to be unchangeable. Their ages range from twenty and under, most are younger than fifteen years. Taking this example we can see that havoc, insults, and parents fights have been the order of the day in so many families. For more than a century, the states have believed that the juvenile justice system was a means to ensuring public safety, by establishing and implementing a system that responds to children as they are maturing into adulthood. However DSWD claims that there are still many unreported cases in the country. If scientists and psychologist who study the human brain and development determine they are not capable of full capacity and maturity and their brains are not fully developed as to rational judgment; what is causing them to do such horrendous crimes such as murder? Truth be told, these juvenile delinquents pose a serious threat in their moral development and the society they are in. The international backlash reportedly prompted lawmakers to hasten the drafting and approval of the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act in Depending on the crime that the minor had committed, the court may find it worth restricting them from having the freedom of movement without any regulation or order from the authorities Morgen, The assumption that delinquents are incapable of academic tasks is false and should not be stated as a reason why some students choose this way of life.

Those below the age are detained in the detention centers as ordinary hoary criminals. Juvenile delinquents tried as adults have to assume the same consequences as any other criminal and are subjected to state penitentiaries with inmates much older and who have probably committed crimes far more devious then they could ever have.

Bulatlat, Juvenile justice is a social issue that I feel strongly toward.

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We are not born devious and malicious; people are molded into who they become. If you are a young person under the age of 18 and you commit a crime, you will have your case heard in the juvenile justice system.

In the following year, DSWD testified that there are more than 2, cases of juvenile acts.

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Children in the community may lose their focus at any time they fail to be taken care of.

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