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Our logistics team places umpteen importance on the quality of the delivery process to ensure that Lulu meets the expectations of our customers. What are the advantages of Print on Demand? Growth of blogs and social media platforms as popular means of expression, possibly moving publishing towards a community model with increased opportunities for feedback and marketing.

Route maps and timing are all scheduled in advance, and the movement of all vehicles is monitored by GPS. In spite of the volume of goods handled and the number of outlets in the distribution chain, the group has been able to run its supply chain management in the country like a well-oiled machine, and most of it comes down to a well-thought out distribution channel and warehouse management system.

The company also has staff in 12 countries, and offices in Raleigh, London, Toronto and Bangalore. Authors are giving up their copyright, often for a smaller return in product quality and guarantees. Even if the supplier runs out of an item, it is still available at our warehouse.

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Lulu Enterprises Case Study