Minority identity

Culture shock can result from physical, psychological, or emotional causes often correlating with an unpleasant and unfamiliar event. The problem of minority groups. New York: Wiley. M If not, they remain here. Berry Eds. Perhaps one of your hobbies is fashion and you enjoy paying attention to your clothes. It was hard when I [was attracted to] white girls because I had to think about my racial identity. Developmental prerequisites for multicultural education in social studies. Disintegration Status--conflicted over irresolvable racial moral dilemmas 3.

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Minority identity

Mullings, L. We also hope you noticed that identity development is a social process—it occurs within our relationships with other people and the larger society.

Annual Review of Anthropology, 34, — In Encyclopedia Britannica. Acculturation: An exploratory formulation.

If you ski or snowboard then you probably have a few more.

minority identity definition
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Minority Identity Development