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Civilian control can support or sustain democracy, but civilian control is only one aspect of democratic rule; civilian control is necessary for democracy but not sufficient. Should all men and women be required to serve in the U. The life of a military police then forms into Basic Military Vs. Thus, men were compulsorily drafted to join the army. Another illustrative case is the U. In conclusion these two theories offer better explanations than democratic theories and are superior analytical tools to assess military effectiveness. Freedom religion is not only mentioned in the Bill of Rights, but it is included in the very first of these rights.

Respect is important in the design of the military system itself. In fact, this case shows how one of the strongest democracies dramatically fell against a rising autocracy, not only losing battles and territory, but losing its own existence.

Finally, this paper presents two conclusions.

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The fight between large mechanized formations on European countryside became more and more improbable, and forced many Western countries to identify a new role for their armed forces as new threats emerged Another illustrative case is the U.

And thus, historically, the degree of civilian control, that is, the relative weight of the civilian and the military, has been dependent on the people and the issues. History During the American Civil War, a new melody named taps played in the place of lights out.

Military establishments which are unused to having their judgment or authority questioned by anyone, much less the cacophony of groups and individuals many of whom most flagrantly do not subscribe to the values and behaviors traditional to military groups typical of democratic governance, will experience an equally uncomfortable challenge.

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Death is a powerful thing in the eyes of everyday people.

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An Essay on Civilian Control of the Military