Outdoor writing activities eyfs classroom

These children are writing their personal learning plans at the entrance to this Swedish school Authors and poets often write outside.

Nooks, crannies and scattered seats Some children like writing in small groups. Keep a nature journal While a traditional nature journal usually focuses on discoveries and sketches, ours include any kind of writing the kids want to include about their outdoor adventures.

Have a look at this beautiful wishing wall as an example.

outdoor learning activities for early years

Put in features which are open-ended and have multiple uses In the photo below, the wooden stumps and border of the sandpit can be used for mark making. Choose guides with quality photos and simple facts. Trails and word hunts work well in colder weather.

Use sticks or fingers to scratch words into soil, mud, grit or forest floor litter. Make outdoor displays really attractive Whatever work is displayed outside, ensure it is fit for purpose and relevant to the area where it has been put.

Generally the bigger the writing space, the more flexibly it can be used. Try to avoid a dark shelter where it is difficult to see and where views are limited. Think about shelter Shelters can be handy during inclement weather.

Stories and other forms of writing shared outside foster a collaborative sense of achievement.


Paint alphabet rocks Gather up some rocks from around the neighborhood or a local park. Discover field guides My 5 year old is a self-proclaimed animal rescuer and as such is now consumed with learning about all things animal. Choose guides with quality photos and simple facts. Have portable mats To be comfortable outside, portable mats make a noticeable difference. Furthermore there are lots of places to write and mediums to use. Look for something to represent each letter of the alphabet. Types of display may include: Information displays, e. The changing events, seasons and incidents adds richness to the experience. Think about shelter Shelters can be handy during inclement weather. Put into stacks of 10 sheets and staple in one corner. The trick is to remember to keep children moving about. Finally, consider how features that enable writing outdoors impact on the ethos of your school or setting. Print out the photos and place them in a dedicated album to form your very own ABC book. The possibilities for extending writing outside are limitless. Make a backyard field guide Once young children are familiar with field guide basics, try making your own.

Use the portable seats and writing material listed above and work where it most suits the lesson you are undertaking.

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Mark making outdoor trolley