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Windrider gives up the money. Whitlaw and the looked at the stars and shared each others cultures, they both had different stories behind the stars and what they represented. Just when it looked like the Lees were going to bunk with the Company again and all peace would break out between Windrider and Uncle Bright Star, Windrider makes a bid for his destiny as a dragon and decides to act for himself. After all, she has a cool dragon stained glass window and a stereopticon a kind of 3D slide projector. For the first several years of his life in America, Moon Shadow lives with his father in the laundry that is owned by his father's uncle and several friends and relatives. Though the story significantly begins with Moon Shadow in the Middle Kingdom, it is not until Windrider shares his destiny as a dragon with his son that the story of Dragonwings really starts to roll. The reader learns a lot about how things were and how Chinese Americans lived at that time, and about the challenges they faced. They moved into a stable that belonged to a desolate estate. He realizes that, now that he's achieved his dream of flight, family is a more important dream to him. Hand-Clap takes Moon-Shadow to America by boat where he must successfully cross through customs. For three years, Windrider and Moon Shadow live in a barn, working odd jobs, and building their flying machine.

This is because the men are not allowed to bring their wives with them. The next morning, the Company arrives and loans Windrider lots of money.

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The City falls apart. He tries to steal money from Moon Shadow and nearly gets killed by a local gang. Moon Shadow supports his father and accompanies him for one more move, this time to the odoriferous barn in the Oakland foothills.

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The Lees, and everyone in San Francisco, are forced to relocate when the natural disaster erupts. They set up a tent and again they are made to leave.

Plot summary of dragonwings

Miss Whittle moves to Oakland after her house burns down. Their goodbyes were as sad as they had become such good friends and they will miss each other. Miss Whitlaw rallies up neighbors to look for survivors, with Robin and the Lees helping. When Moon Shadow arrives, his father introduces him to their all-male family abroad: the proud leader Uncle Bright Star, the chef White Deer, the poet Lefty, and Hand Clap, the exaggerator. They both offered advice to them as it was the first letter since they had moved into the city. Black Dog had come back, as always he was unhappy with his life and he was jealous that Moon Shadow had something to believe in. The Tang members have a celebration dinner to welcome Moon Shadow to the company. From his new friend he receives some trousers and a shirt. Content[ edit ] Dragonwings features the Chinese American experience in the United States, specifically San Francisco, shortly after the turn of the twentieth century. After a While Black dog shows up and threatens to cut Moon? When a fire breaks out south of Market and begins to spread, Miss Whitlaw takes her belongings out of her house and locks the house, which later burns.

Windrider gives up the money. The Tang members have a celebration dinner to welcome Moon Shadow to the company. So much of their remaining money goes into the machine that they have difficulty making ends meet.

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Windrider was the last to take a turn and he really enjoyed it, even though he fell over in the water he never let go of the glider.

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