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The public has spoken: More people than ever prefer to do business with companies who keep the environment in mind. The generation who lived through the Great Depression learned to reuse what they had when money for new items grew scarce.

Reaching the market with your business requires crystalline clarity about what your business is all about. Share this:.

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Stick with regular drip coffeemakers. Additionally, such plans build repeat customer loyalty, as more and more consumers opt to do business with companies who take concrete measures to protect the planet. In terms of investors, they increasingly recognize that successful companies win customers by delivering on both value and values. Cassidy helps a broad range of green businesses with business planning and raising money. Consider making your office as close to paperless as possible by utilizing secure cloud storage to handle documents several team members collaborate upon and secure backup servers to ensure copies of important docs are available in a few keystrokes. A realistic and well thought-out business plan is the tool for converting interest into a commitment by an investor, work associate or customer. Improve the indoor air quality of your workplace by adding numerous houseplants. Since nearly everyone understands the value of going green, how can business leaders make sure their new venture is eco-friendly? And servicing of your equipment will help maintain its energy efficiency, prolong its lifespan and minimize repair costs.

In terms of investors, they increasingly recognize that successful companies win customers by delivering on both value and values. Just make sure your marketing messages reflect real, measurable progress or else you leave yourself open to accusations of greenwashing.

As with any new strategic project, it's a good idea to create and implement a solid plan. Hiring a professional can be helpful when you want an outside perspective. Enhanced reputation Another benefit of creating a green business comes from the marketing opportunities it provides.

It takes a variety of steps and means incorporating green practices into everyday company choices and practices.

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If you are developing a solar installer business, summarize in the clearest terms what your mission is, where your business stands today, and your goals for the future. The business plans for businesses that sell to other businesses must articulate how their bids competitively satisfy corporate America's green supply chain procurement criteria. Financial projections. The truth is no amount of money can help a fundamentally poor idea, and vice versa. Stick with regular drip coffeemakers. Imagine the business plan that was used to raise the funds to realize that vision. Sticking to the expected format for financials and providing sufficient details like notes on assumptions will allow quick edits for investors or banks. Kate Harveston March 18, If you are putting together a business plan, why not incorporate sustainability from the get go so everyone knows you mean business about efficiency.
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