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All this makes the grammars of Akkadian and Sumerian as different as those of French and Tibetan. The fertile soil turned to sand by drought and the changing course of the Euphrates that today is several miles away from Ur and Nippur.

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Some scholars suppose that their legendary homeland must be the lost, sunken continent of Mu. Deutscher eds. Once you have made headway with Sumerian fundamentals, there are some more detailed grammars that will become indispensable.

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As all Semitic - and for that matter, Indo-European - languages, Akkadian is flectional. Some early chronicles chastise Shulgi for his impiety: "he did not perform his rites to the letter, he defiled his purification rituals" The Weidner Chronicle ABC 19 [3] and improper tampering with the rites and composing "untruthful stelae, insolent writings" CM 48[4]. Fronzaroli , P. The use of lapis lazuli and other rare semi-precious stones indicates that this was a luxury item. Johnson eds. When there is more than one version of the same composition, one can compare different scribal conventions regarding the encoding of Semitic texts with a writing system originally devised for a radically different language: Sumerian. That stele he broke in pieces, into the plain of Lagash he advanced. Hurowitz eds. Clay was the most abundant material and the clay soil provided the Sumerians with much of the material for their art including their pottery, terra-cotta sculpture, cuneiform tablets, and clay cylinder seals, used to securely mark documents or property. This made them much more impermanent and susceptible to the ravages of weather and time than the great Pyramids made of stone. In ancient Mesopotamia, the absence of public speaking as a social institution - as opposed to 5'h-century Athens or 13'h-century Republican Florence - precluded the development of rhetoric and , therefore, of self-reflecting theoretical discourses, such a poetics. See also Rubio, 'From Sumer to Babylonia,' , p. This empire lasted for some time until Susanoo-no-Mikoto , a personification of a particular Mesopotamian priesthood, rebelled against Amaterasu Ohkami , who is often described as Tiamat in Babylonian mythology. On the other hand, the actual understanding of Sumerian grammar at Old Babylonian Nippur seems sometimes less satisfactory.

The priesthoods that were formed in these colleges in turn taught the people. That stele he broke in pieces, into the plain of Lagash he advanced.

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