The employee ranks within companies

Other job titles are specific to certain industries, such as finance or insurance. When you reach this point, it's time to think about bringing other high-level managers on board to help you out.

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C-level executives in larger companies are usually responsible for respective divisions. This individual deals with tracking daily and monthly expense. By Susan M. If you're in tech yourself, or your industry relies heavily on technology, that means you.

Leadership job titles

A CFO may have embezzled from his last company, but the employer still says "They did a good job" I swear--this is a true story. Networking is a time-honored way to find new hires. A lawyer also will be part of your every day staff if you are running a law firm. Directors are members of the business who report to the CEO. Middle-level managers may be promoted from first-level management or hired from outside the company. The CMO will know or learn your industry inside out and helps you position your product, differentiate it from your competitors' products, enlist distributors, and make sure customers learn to crave your product. Look for evidence of learning ability. For example, you might ask a CFO to describe a budget they set up and how they handled it when a manager exceeded their budget and asked for more. Larger businesses create other Director positions as well. Many large and mid-size organizations are moving toward a less-layered structure with a strong focus on collaboration and employee engagement.

Get used to it. Real estate developers are other culprits of attornys on the regular because of their constant and complex deal-making. That might be you--but only if you have time to keep up with competitors, oversee the marketing implementation, and still do the rest of your job--and do it well.

First-level managers need to cultivate an environment that keeps workers motivated. In a small business, cultural issues can be every bit as important as getting things done.

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Questions to ask yourself as a small business owner: Do I need this employee?

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Five Types of Jobs Levels