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He is a demographer and author of Diversity Explosion. These adolescents are also more likely to suffer from behavioral or emotional problems and engage in unhealthy behaviors, such as smoking and early initiation of sexual activity. There is no racial majority in the Houston metro area. Feelings about the poor and Muslim-Americans seem to be more complicated. The changes are so widespread they have even reversed the trend in some places. Twice a week we compile our most fascinating features and deliver them straight to you. Collis, AmerisourceBergen; Timothy D. The Census Bureau said the percentage of minorities climbed from An inner-ring suburb of Newark, South Orange has consciously struggled for decades to maintain its racial, ethnic and economic diversity, even as rising housing prices have squeezed moderate- and low-income families out of neighboring suburbs. Source: Current Population Survey Estimate and the National Population Projections Middle Series Age and Gender There are important developmental, physical, and behavioral differences between younger and older adolescents. North Port, Fla. Roughly speaking, about a third are long-term here. How did they win the election? Both counties had aging populations, but Chatham County was also experiencing a significant influx of Latino immigrants, attracted by jobs in chicken processing plants.

While black-white intermarriage is also becoming more commonhistorically, the category of whiteness has not expanded to include the children of one white and one black parent.

Migrants are finding low-paid work in the agricultural and food industries.

Future face of america

Changes Introduced by the Immigration Act of Among the key changes brought by the Hart-Celler Act: Quotas based on nation of origin were abolished. Write us in the comment section below. Non-Hispanic whites will remain the largest racial or ethnic group in the overall population but will become less than a majority, the projections show. Iger, Walt Disney; Jeffrey R. Allen, Deere; Richard H. At least a quarter of American Muslims, anywhere between a quarter and a third, depending on how you look at, are African-Americans, people who have been Americans, you know, for hundreds and hundreds of years, you know. But immigration alone will not solve the problem, in part because immigrants themselves are bifurcated between those who come on visas meant for workers with special skills, like doctors and engineers, and those who come for difficult jobs that native-born American generally avoid, in low-paid industries like farming and food processing. One other question, tracking this question about whether newcomers to the country strengthen the country or are a threat to country. Already, 16 percent of Hispanics nationwide consider themselves white, according to the U.

Number of Adolescents Today, adolescents make up And I think that was really important in this election. Catholics, white Catholics, six in 10 supporting Donald Trump; two-third of nonwhite Catholics supporting Hillary Clinton, right?

Trump is going to register me as an American Muslim citizen? Their full bios are all in your material.

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Current Population Survey, annual social and economic supplement, When you get the microphone, please state your name and your affiliation. They see us as someone different.

And the United States is that melting pot. Chenault, American Express; Roger W.

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You see the transition from speaking Spanish to speaking English move very quickly.

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Immigration and the Changing Face of America