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Many acts you've never heard of scored big, sometimes even coming out on top. Four-part harmony is different from three-part harmony, and Bernie credits Ripley Ingram with keeping their sound consistent and together: "Ripley was the key part. Major Robinson, gossip columnist for Jet magazine, had a couple of blurbs concerning the 5 Keys.

Rudy West passed away on May 14, The comedians saved up all their "raunchiest" material and the strippers took off a little more. Bernie theorizes that they were never invited back because they didn't turn over their checks to Clark.

The five keys songs

He says that Mesner saw them in Illinois while they were appearing with the Brownskin Models more about them in a moment. The presumption is that no copies were ever shipped at all. They began the new year with a week's stay at Baltimore's Royale Theater. No one said singing was easy! Sometime in the spring of , the 5 Keys played the Howard Theater and met an old friend: guitarist Joe Jones. Of course, it wasn't the principle of the thing, it was the money; there wasn't any to be had at RCA, since nothing had ever been commercially released. But, says Bernie, "We didn't want to take the chance at the time. Coming off the second bridge, Ulysses says "There ought to be a w.. While the public might think, by the title, that they were buying a live performance album, the cuts were actually culled from their last couple of sessions. Al Jackson. Another five tunes were recorded, although the last one wasn't assigned a master number possibly it was never finished. Needing steady work and a constant paycheck, Rudy went to work for the Post Office. This was standard when they played a big theater or when they were on tour. Fortunately, most of the Five Keys extensive recorded output is now available on various CDs. Although they now had a fifth member, they strangely did nothing about their name for a while, continuing to be billed as the Sentimental Four for a few more months.

August 23 found the 5 Keys playing a riverboat cruise on the Chesapeake River, along with the Griffin Brothers. As Bernie explains it: "We were trying to become a niteclub act, to get away from the one-nighters.

It had a two-voice lead, and he thought it would fit the Keys' style; the song was "Close Your Eyes.

The five keys

Second, although Aladdin had them re-record the song in March, according to the master number WOR Q , it was the version from the first session that was used. Supposedly Slim had some lawyers contact Aladdin in October , claiming that the "Keys" name was registered. Then, too, says Rudy West, Eddie Mesner, owner of Aladdin Records was in the audience that night and came backstage to meet them. Members of the Five Keys are: Rudolph West, first tenor, Marshall avenue; Bernard West, bass, 29th street; James "Lucky" [sic; but the photo caption did say "Dickie"] Smith, second tenor, Hampton avenue; Ripley Ingram lead, Marshall avenue; and Edwin Hall, baritone, 29th street. While a year before, they could have easily held their own with dynamite club groups like the Red Caps and the Treniers, this time they took it slow: "We had to stick to basics because of the two new members," remembers Bernie. The great Keys' blend is prominent as background. In early , they decided to change their sound, adding second tenor Edwin Hall as a fifth member.

He used to be the crybaby of the road. It was during this show that co-star Chuck Willis gave them a song he'd just written.

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These were groups that would "battle" each other in the neighborhood. The 5 Keys' contract with Aladdin was due to expire at the end of They won that, too, beating over 30 other acts.

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