The psychology of music essay

Most studies rely on convenient samples of students.

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My interest in Psychology began with my curiosity in the relationship between art and mental health. In other words, the music had a stimulating effect on the subjects, which is something the present study intends to further explore.

Effects of music on human behavior essay

For instance, some scholars have focused exclusively on the social functions of music while others have been interested in only the emotional ones; some used only adolescent participants while others consulted only older people. Previous research on the effects of music on intellectual ability, emotional responsiveness, and cognitive behaviour will be briefly discussed below in order to offer a background context for the current research aims. Review of the research on the functions of music Discussions and speculations regarding the functions of music listening can be found in both theoretical literature concerning music as well as in empirical studies of music. No use, distribution or reproduction is permitted which does not comply with these terms. Moreover, in the array of seemingly odd behaviors, few behaviors match music for commandeering so much time, energy, and money. A study by Lesiuk on computer software programmers found that subjects who worked with positive mood-inducing music performed better in terms of work quality and quantity than those with no music. Special healing methods and techniques have been developed using music frequency therapy to help people cure certain physical and mental illnesses. The class objective was to prepare students with an understanding of applying scientific research methods and using said knowledge to investigate human behavior. Watson and B. The third dimension eigenvalue: The most prominent of these approaches or theories are the ones that make explicit evolutionary claims.

Watson and B. In some studies, expert interviews were conducted in order to identify possible functions. Altogether there is an impressive body of research on the psychological effects of music in countless scenarios and on a wide range of subjects, most of it pointing to the powerful effects music has in our lives.

Related ideas stress the role music plays in feelings of transcendence.

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Philosophers, psychologists, anthropologists, musicologists, and neuroscientists have proposed a number of theories concerning the origin and purpose of music and some have pursued scientific approaches to investigating them e.

Anthropological accounts of music often refer to multiple social and cultural benefits arising from music. In fact, many scholars have endeavored to enumerate various musical functions see below.

The psychology of music essay
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The psychological functions of music listening