The role of youth in todays politics

The role of youth in todays politics

I know that the struggle for a better political era, means travelling along uncharted terrain. He specifically appointed a good number as ministers and others were giving some other appointments. They should be accountable for their actions when in service and to always return to their communities to seek for their opinions before taking a decision in whatever parliamentary level they are in either the House of Representative or in the Senate. However, the youth that are to be involved has to get quality education and training to understand that politics and political affairs is not a money making venture: but an avenue to serve the public for the public interest and that any legislation to be made will first address the needs and satisfaction of the public whom they are representing and not self or individual interest. Innovative to create employment and spur economic growth. Having political seats reserved for young people Having vibrant youth wings of political parties like the ANC in South Africa 7. Low participation of youth in parliamentary activities stems from the fact that adult participation have continued to over shadow the youths involvement in political activities. There can be two reasons for this deplorable state of Indian politics. Here are some views from Uganda: do 1. There should be a retirement age for politicians as well which may be around 65 years. The result was that all its youths that have migrated to the urban cities in search of greener pastures started coming home to invest in one business venture or the other. Journal of youth studies: 4 3 : If this becomes the routine in governance adults participation in politics will gradually erode and give room for youth participation. Twitter hashtags. This can be done through targeted capacity development interventions.

They must have good educational background, 2. People with serious criminal backgrounds should not be allowed to contest elections.

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Social Media is the order of the day and this has its negative and positive sides. It also means participating in knowledge-sharing activities designed to build their capacity for powerful action.

With this approach, the party ideals are inculcated at an early age and one decides from the onset which political party to go based on the ideologies which are also mostly influenced by religion, economic background hence accounting for liberal versus conservative, pro-life or otherwise, taxing the wealthier or not, etc.

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Youth participation in politics is increasingly been the focus of advocacy in issues pertaining politics, and some of the view is that the opportunity to express themselves should be the first avenue for increased youth participation in politics. Featured articles.

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Leaders PM, President etc. From my time at Makerere University in Uganda I observe that my former Guild Presidents were indeed leaders including the young people that took on leadership positions in the Makerere Guild Council. Moreover, the major political parties hardly provide any space to younger people into their teams. Thanks for posting queries on this interesting topic. Of course they should be available for guidance. The above should take up affirmative actions through constitutional and other legal mechanisms, and party structures 4. Meaningfully invest in Youth councils, guide their debates and position critical issues of young people. Involvement of other young people in other socio-developmental works like supporting the recent flood victims is another exemplary evidence the youth have demonstrated where the government has failed to deliver. Influencing Policies could be measured by sound comparisons of how it was before changes against goals achieved e. This is because in recent times calls on the involvement of youths in political affairs have been on the rise and that has necessitated efforts by some countries to review their constitution by way of reform to include quota system of youth and women inclusive participation in political activities. Yea, youths are better equipped with strategies to mitigate the problems of gender inequality and discrimination- the mere reason that social media have created an avenue for interaction among the youths of different background sexes and ages have continued to share their views with each other through that platform. What kind of democracy is this, when a majority of population below 40 elects a majority of people above 60 to power?

Factors contributing to the above are: Inadequacy of political knowledge, interest, efficacy and sense of civic duty Dominance of the political scene by the old conservative people Poverty among the young people yet politics is a very expensive activity 2. In Kenya its all about money and tribe.

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Youth and Politics