The truth behind the us involvement in the vietnam war

vietnam war combatants

For the American soldier, whose doctrine was one of absolute commitment to total victory, this strategy led to a frustrating small-unit war. President Eisenhower had considered authorizing a U. Only after the war was well underway did large units from North Vietnam arrive on the southern front.

However, a military campaign conducted by North Vietnamese army in known as Easter Offensive questioned the effectiveness of the strategy. Wiest, Andrew.

Westmoreland, contrary to the advice of his Marine commanders, reinforced the outpost. Nixon ended draft calls inand instituted an all-volunteer army the following year.

According to a survey by the Veterans Administration, someof the 3 million troops who served in Vietnam suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, and rates of divorce, suicide, alcoholism and drug addiction were markedly higher among veterans. The Vietnam War Crimes Working Group Files made public in by the "Freedom of Information Act" reveals seven, albeit much smaller, massacres previously unacknowledged by the Pentagonin which at least civilians had died.

Suggested Additional Readings Asselin, Pierre. Additionally, supported by aid from China and the Soviet Union, North Vietnam strengthened its air defenses.

One of the main reasons it remains a source of argument is that it is difficult to say when the U. However, political considerations limited U. My Lai Massacre The next few years would bring even more carnage, including the horrifying revelation that U.

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Vietnam War: Causes, Facts & Impact