To be wise

When it comes to our own lives, our natural optimism seems to stop us factoring in potential problems. And ask yourself if you truly want to do it - or even if it's advisable to do so.

To be wise quotes

Being spontaneous can be fun Not that I'm suggesting you do that! And although nothing can replace direct, real experience, the web is a nice placeholder. Imagine: Past generations actually had to wait around until they experienced things to learn them. At the other end you have the selfless people. Although intelligence helps, you can be intelligent without being wise. Or it might be the dinner table with your children. But if you're too caught up in your anger, you're not going to think clearly. How much longer can you realistically suffer from Peter Pan Syndrome? And who wouldn't want that? Miscellaneous: Daily observation, note taking, question asking and research. The wise people stay calm in a crisis. Accept other people for who they are. And the wisdom handed down to you will fall on deaf ears, shut eyes and a blocked heart.

If it's something you might regret later, then maybe it's better if you kept it to yourself. While it's natural to do that, problems can occur when you engage in conflict with another person before you calm down.

Learn to trust your voice. I'm looking at you, Haley Joel Osment. What have you researched this week? Speed up your unlearning curve. Nothing will dispense wisdom quicker.

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TV Personality. Start teaching earlier.

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Or listening to audio programs in your car on the commute to work. Did they recognise that their knowledge was limited?

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10 Ways to be Wise Beyond Your Years ~ HELLO, my name is Blog!