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No entry of commercial vehicles means that all 3 wheeler tempos or any kind of goods carrying vehicles will not be allowed. We need to ensure that all bus drivers, who are usually careless about traffic rules are punished.

Traffic congestion and traffic jams are a major cause of stress to office goers and not only do they increase stress levels, but also increase the levels of carbon pollution, noise pollution due to horns.

I propose that we do not allow any commercial vehicle inside the city limits between 8am till 10 pm. All road contracts need to come with SLAs, not only for quality but also for maintenance and repair.

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Mumbai News Written by Saurabh Gupta Friday December 26, The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has assured Mumbaikars that their traffic woes are likely to be over once the three-year master plan to improve roads is complete. They usually breakdown a lot on roads, on flyovers at peak traffic hours due to slow speeds. Its because we do not need to brake and change gears frequently on highways. However, the current spate of traffic snarls is likely to continue next year as well. Let all tour operators open offices outside the city limits, in Panvel. A broken up road means that all vehicles will go very slow on it, causing needless congestion of traffic. As far as the private taxis and auto rickshaws, lesser said the better. Strict penalties need to be levied on not meeting SLAs. If any of them are found to be moving inside the city beyond 12pm, levy a huge fine to ensure that the goods are loaded or unloaded asap. These will be called transit terminals.

No bumps or pot holes should be seen beyond the first night of formation. A good network which all classes can use will reduce the dependency on own means of transport.

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Building roads is an annual money spinning festival for them and road repair contracts are the daily bread. Similarly, people crossing roads anywhere cause slow traffic.

The kind of haphazard planning that goes into designing and planning of roads means that they are always smaller than needed, larger roads join smaller streets or bridges, thus causing jams.

Staying near the workplace is a very costly option usually for the middle class as the property rates keep going up much faster than salary ever can.

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