Urban planner thesis

This communication thread constitutes a great potential for the development of cities and available concepts of interactions with distant urban areas.

The structure of Mobile Linear City would be closely connected to the inshore space, for which mobile urban functions would constitute this supplement. A result of this process is expansion of the urban structure concentrating around the river, which at the same time becomes its centre point.

The road artery and railway line were located outside the industrial zone. The plan assumed division of the area according to band function located parallel to the river. Polycentric nature of the river reveals in its historically conditioned location in the city, forming the Natural Highway bonding central spaces of cities distant from each other.

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An attempt to control the natural elements and transformations of inshore areas is a big challenge, which can bring huge benefits to cities. Watercourses in the global context constitute the shortest connection between nature and centers of cities.

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Architecture and Urban planning Thesis by Carla Hajjar