Was the treaty of versailles fair to germany essay

was the treaty of versailles fair quora

One of the reasons that show that the Treaty of Versailles was fair was because of the Treaty of Bret-Litovsk that Germany enforced in Russia in This provided a moral justification for the harsh terms of the treaty.

Continuing on and looking at Europe. They caused many men to become hurt, and even be killed by their own stupidity.

the treaty of versailles was a fair settlement

The other reason that gives evidence to why the Treaty was not fair is the fact that the peacemakers created the terms for their self-interest, so that they could take revenge upon Germany.

First all, the war guilt clause was very simple but was seen an extremely harsh by the Germans; they had to admit they had caused the war, while in fact Germany got dragged in because of its alliances. Explanation: The Treaty was fair in the sense that it could be justified by the Allied powers.

That is why I agree with the terms of not being able to have an air force in the air because if you did then you would easily be able to take out the enemy, and who would not do that? To its already crippled economy, this was devastating.

Therefore, some people were lead to believe that the Treaty, instead of encouraging peace in Germany, was actually encouraging resentment and anger instead. This treaty is known as The Treaty of Versailles.

I think this because Germany deserved something bad in return for even starting the war. This clearly shows that the Treaty of Versailles was more than fair because Germany got to enforce a harsher treaty to Russia in return.

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Was the 'Treaty of Versailles' fair on Germany?