Weaknesses of toyota

Reliable suppliers — It has a strong base of reliable supplier of raw material thus enabling the company to overcome any supply chain bottlenecks.

Weaknesses of toyota

This is one of the major limitations of SWOT analysis. Asian markets :- Asian markets are currently the hottest markets for vehicle brands. The brand excels in technology as well as supply chain management and manufacturing. Toyota has traditionally relied on a few key strengths. The first is its brand name. Toyota is investing heavily in this area. Toyota has partnered with several prominent institutions to further research in areas like AI, Robotics and autonomous driving. Every year the company makes a large financial investment in the area of research and development. Large product portfolio :- Toyota is a leading producer of vehicles with a very large range of vehicles in its portfolio. Toyota has several strengths apart from its technological capabilities and a global manufacturing and sales network.

This increases costs in terms of the downtime as well as regular repair work to the facilities. To maintain its global business, Toyota has its manufacturing facilities in several countries around the globe.

Toyota swot 2018

A comparative example could be - GE healthcare research helped it in developing better Oil drilling machines. There are several brands in the market and all of them are aggressive about product innovation, market share and growth. High brand equity is also a sign of higher customer loyalty and better reputation. Lexus has brought a large range of popular premium cars. Lower inflation rate — The low inflation rate bring more stability in the market, enable credit at lower interest rate to the customers of Toyota. Research and innovation have become critical to the growth of vehicle brands in the 21st century. However, the company continues to hold a strong market position and must look forward in terms of leveraging its strengths for identifiable opportunities while addressing its weaknesses and perceived threats in the market and even internally. Asian markets :- Asian markets are currently the hottest markets for vehicle brands.

Technological capabilities :- In terms of technology, Toyota is one of the leading performers in the automotive market. Toyota continues to be an industry leader in terms of output and revenues tied to its management systems. Its structure constitutes if various production plants in different locations and a very strong branding which helps it capture a major market share.

InToyota achieved a total sales of 8. Given the scale of expansion and different geographies the company is planning to expand into, Toyota needs to put more money in technology to integrate the processes across the board. It is often viewed as being at the forefront of alternative fuel vehicles but has also faced criticism in recent years for its lack of quality and potential safety risks.

Organization structure is only compatible with present business model thus limiting expansion in adjacent product segments. When the revenues are sent back to Japan, converting these to the yen has often resulted in lower profits.

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Toyota Motors SWOT Analysis