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As you know we are quite a musical family. This is one of the most important values that he taught us and will remain in our minds. Always used to being in control, he found it hard to concede to the body's imperfection and the growing need to depend on others for support.

I also would like to thank my wonderful partner for her incredible love and support for me.

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But I think that's fairly normal for men isn't it? But those few little facts? Dad also resumed his volunteer position of delivering Meals on Wheels to the homebound. And Dad, despite being so weak he could hardly speak, true to his nature of making sure his loved ones were taken care of, ordered me to make sure I ate something. Because of his love for experiences, he provided them. We hope that these eulogy examples for a father will inspire you to write something that you can be proud to share. He never lived that down. They had a break room with cookies in it, and I could always sneak down and get a few. Paid for by him. I was blessed on the day God saw fit to place me in your family as your daughter when I was given up for adoption.

Dad loved country life. They show us by example how to be.

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It can be something really humorous when the person delivering the eulogy and the dad had spent a good time laughing their hearts out in delight.

Dad got his wish: his two children with him during his final days.

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My father was sometimes more like Attila the Hun -- but Attila with a twist He never lived that down. As a child, I thought he was famous. A lot of people often thought of him as being quiet and serious. Dad loved country life. Once again you will have compassion on us. Nothing stayed still. He would also have been very surprised, as he was a very humble man, and we are incredibly blessed to have had him as our Dad, husband, grandad and friend. Everyone who knew him adorned his caring and compassionate attitude towards life; and my brothers and I tried to emulate it when we were growing up. He always believed you could achieve whatever it was you wanted to achieve, and what mattered was not where you came from or what you have done before, but where you would go and what you would do.

Both Mom and Dad have now had their Homegoing in the fall.

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