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Following the conclusion of that winter campaign, the Indian Bureau dispatched Special Agent Cooper to investigate and settle the hundreds of depredation claims stemming from the outbreak.

It could be like L. Fights are About Character and Emotion It is rarely a good idea to start a story with a battle. Ask questions: how would you feel as you stood on the walls of a keep as thousands of orcs charge toward you?

Describing a battle scene

They packed Boyle on the horse and went up into the hills. The night following the day of the battle Mr. Assume nothing. This friendship with the Indians was a two-way street. The two Cheyennes threw the cap under some rose bushes and unloaded the meat. Hugh was the sixth of eight children of Pat and Kitty Lynch Boyle. In medieval times if armed with a sword and shield a soldier held up their shield while swinging wildly over the top or side, all the while bashing forwards to try and push the enemy line back or break it altogether. Think of interesting and different places fights or battles could take place. The writing style needs to adjust to increase the tension and forward momentum. Point-of-view errors are easy to do in action scenes. Shortly after, Head Chief crossed from that range to another chain of hills overlooking the agency. To set up a crucial plot point that will have ramifications later? A straightforward blow-by-blow recounting of a fight is dry. Faster sentences feel more intense. Everyone came to see them.

News of the expected fight had been received at the nearest military post, and Major Carroll, in command, sent Lieutenants Robinson and Pritchard, with about fifty troopers of the First cavalry, in the direction of the agency.

No big thinks This is not the time for your main character to wonder about things. The great thing about writing and crafting your own tales is the unlimited possibilities. James Alonzo Cooper was struck down with apoplexy at his home on December 7, We want to experience it.

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Their daughter, Maud, was married at the family residence that year to Dr.

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