Writing an obituary for a baby

Step 5 Note any immediate family members that passed away before the child.

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The family will be wearing purple to the Celebration of Life, and invites guests to join in wearing Hannah's favorite color in her honor. Funeral services will follow Monday morning, December 22, at a. You may also include the toys the child loved, their favorite color or an activity they enjoyed. Survivors and predecessors Most obituaries will list the deceased's survivors loved ones who outlive the deceased and predecessors loved ones, usually family, who passed away before the deceased. Under the name list the baby's dates of birth and death. Jane Marie was born on November 20, Though most of the stories you read in the classifieds section of the newspaper may seem more mature than the life story you are crafting, remember: It's okay that a child's obituary seems different than those of the elderly! They are much kinder terms and more appropriate for a small child than "died". Give us a call: Share this article Copied!

This is a very personal decision. She is the answer to their prayers, and they waited for her birth with joyful expectation.

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Blog May 22, Beyond The Dash How to Write a Child's Obituary Learn to write a tribute in honor of a child who has passed The death of a child is a life altering event, that will also shake your sense of self. Readers will be most touched by a story that is honest, genuine and detailed.

If the ceremony is to be invite-only, there is no need to publish the exact details of the service.

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She was loved by all who met her, and will be greatly missed. Charitable donations and special requests If your family has any special requests that guests should be aware of, it's appropriate to note them at the end of the obituary or death announcement.

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There is often a reference to the "brief gift" the child was on this earth, or how the baby "touched the lives" of loved ones, hospital staff, and even people in the community at large. During her brief visit on earth, she enjoyed listening to music, cuddling with soft toys, and being held close by her parents and grandparents. If a child died after an illness, such as cancer, it might be appropriate to use the obituary to thank caregivers and also to request donations for the family's expenses, or even for a hospital or a foundation dedicated to fighting the disease. Give us a call: Share this article Copied! View Full Profile The death of a child is a difficult event to have to go through regardless of the cause of the child's passing. Her life was a brief gift to us that will live on as her heart valves were donated and received by those who were in need. This is a traditional part of obituaries, as it allows readers to draw connections about people and families that are linked. Omission of flowers and gifts are requested. Example: Though she faced a myriad of challenges that set her apart from her peers in many ways, Hannah made friends everywhere she went. If the child's immediate family members and close friends live in multiple cities, consider placing the obituary in each of those cities.
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Writing an Obituary for a Child