Writing essays is pointless

Importance of essay writing

The truth is that teenagers want to smoke weed, preferably in front of adults, and do it all legally. Nowadays, many of them are far more informative and better written than academic essays. I was convinced that I was not going to do this paper, but in a showing of my own lack of will, I was bribed into writing this essay. I wanted to monitor their progress over the quarter and provide help along the way. They pull people out of their comfort zones, forcing them to adapt while challenging them to work with others. So, when they have to do it, they want to cut corners. Me after a few rounds with teaching essay writing in the ring. Today teens like me are expected to know what they want do later in life. Feedback is essential. Essays should be a way of gaining a more in-depth understanding of the world.

Why should I research and write an essay about what others have already written? The few I had received only inspired a deeper feeling of failure with how far they missed the mark.

i was never taught how to write an essay

People of my age do not really have many reasons to complain. For example, "Kids should be allowed to skateboard anywhere they want. That may be, but as I stated earlier in the paper, there are very few so-called relevant issues about which I care and about which most teenagers even should care.

why argumentative speeches are pointless

You risk a collapse. In theory like many things in academia essays should be effective.

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Persuasive essays are a bad assignment to require students to do, because they accomplish nothing, and they do not reflect the students' true feelings and opinions. Just imagine it: papers, each of them twenty pages long featuring punctuation errors, bad grammar, teenagers' bad points and stupid topics. The definition of "persuade" in Webster's New College Dictionary is: To induce one to believe or do something; to argue into an opinion or procedure; to plead with, urge. Instead, focus on how to write one paragraph exceptionally well. Persuasive essays are also hard on teachers. You simply end up leaving the academic bubble and learning a completely different skill set for your new job. So, when they have to do it, they want to cut corners. Districts place a great deal of importance on academic essay writing.

It seems pointless, and maybe even infeasible, to argue about a subject you know you will not care about in a few years time. But a persuasive essay is supposed to appeal mostly to the readers' emotions, and from what I've heard about college, most professors want you to make your points using logical arguments, not emotional ones.

Yeah, Nah.

Importance of essays

So why argue about casino gambling? A teenager might care about a persuasive essay about legalizing hemp, but in that paper he would never express his real opinion. However, Mr. If academic essays were effective, then they would lead us to keep an open mind while exploring new ideas. I was over it. Web Content. The funds raised by casinos do not even reach the city where I live. Both schools and academics refuse to modernize. It makes sense. Persuasive essays are also hard on teachers. You risk…learning. I doubt most teachers care about their students' curfews or controlling the pet population anyway. When a sentence becomes

If you want to know something, write an essay about it. Furthermore, I only start writing after countless hours of research and planning.

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Persuasive Essays Are Pointless Essays