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Mary Christine Agojo Ms. Zara employs its service staff in listening to customers' preferences and reacts very quickly to them. Logistical Trade-Offs The vertically integrated strategy comes at a cost, however. Rapid product replacement enables Zara to sample many different designs; however, low-inventories allow Zara to do this absent waste. Control over design and manufacturing by keeping manufacturing processes close to management centers also makes garments both higher quality and easier to manipulate. This provides a sense of exclusivity to shoppers. The quality control teams at Zara inspected the designs before placing them in stores. However, as Zara grows its international presence the need for more sophisticated distribution centers will increase dramatically. And how the latter can be vital to far-reaching success. Proprietary Software and Design Flow Zara uses proprietary software to analyze fashion trends from each of its many hundreds of stores around the world. You can see from Chart 3 above, the quantity of products Zara discounts pales in comparison to other retailers.

However, some of its strategies have shortcomings. While it cannot be said whether or not Zara is successful in creating a greater general welfare in the societies it touches, it can be said definitively that it influences a great number of societies. Furthermore, Zara eliminated the traditional design process, where design and development overrides fabric procurement.

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When customers walk into a store, Zara wants to portray to customers that the latest fashion is always available. You can see from Chart 3 above, the quantity of products Zara discounts pales in comparison to other retailers.

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And secondly, it encourages customers to buy in a timely manner because the particular product or design that strikes your fancy today may be replaced by something else tomorrow. However, in order to decrease the risks outlined above, Zara might consider new technologies to anticipate parabolic demand. But in comparing profitability, Zara appears to be the decisive winner. So this statement might wax unrealistic as sentiments usually indicate customers are happy. Sustainable Society Having been conceived in relatively volatile Northern Spain, perhaps the "sustainable society" bit included in the mission statement intimates a desire for tranquility, integration, and general welfare. Target Market IV. Executive Summary II. Eric Balaoro I. In turn, Zara leverages this control into precise data acquisition and forecasting, seamless modifications, and reliable quality in its products. Zara limits inventories, but not at the expense of profits. Therefore, Zara manages to increase margins for the products it does sell while simultaneously adding to its list of psychological tools. The confluence of better capital equipment and more adept employees results in higher quality garments. For example, low-inventories fail to accommodate high demand for a product. We must have the dialogue with the customers and learn from them. Promotion: Minimum Advertising Zara uses 0.

And how the latter can be vital to far-reaching success. Target Market IV. This vertical integration approach gives Zara a lot of control over how it operates.

Not only are European workers more skilled, European capital equipment is more precise.

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However, some of its strategies have shortcomings. Inventories in the stores depend on the geographic area in which the store is located; and the way Zara does their marketing is by just displaying posters at stores and by their windows display. Established competitors like Gap and Gucci would have to completely reinvent themselves to successfully mimic Zara. For instance, algorithms that combine the rate of sale of various products as compared to similar products during same seasonal cycles could yield caveats enabling Zara to adjust manufacturing before peak demand is reached. Target Market Zara sells apparel, footwear and accessories for women, men and children. This approach to make business has work very well for Zara; they show an economic growth despite the strong crisis suffer in the United States. Process: Industry Leader in Lead Time Creative teams consisting of designers, sourcing specialist and product development personnel, develop design collections. Each of the components of the supply chain process has been explained below. An advantage that the brand has over conventional retailers is that they do not define and segment their target market by ages resulting in designs and styles that can reach a broader market.
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